Technology Tips

The Covid-19 pandemic drove us to learn technology graphicnew tools to meet communication and social distancing concerns. This page will help those who need support in using and managing the tools that give us social, educational and informational access to our Temple and our community.

Friday Night Shabbat Services
As we begin in-person services, we still are broadcasting services through Facebook live as well as livestream. Friday Night Services begin at 6:30pm. Click here for further information.
Click here to access services on Facebook. You do not have to be a Facebook member to see services on our Facebook Page.
For more instructions on using Facebook, click here.

Zoom is a conferencing tool that allows users to meet online or view Zoom iconwebinar presentations, with or without video. Zoom works on a Windows or Mac computer, an iPad, a tablet or a mobile phone. If you do not have a computer or device with video, you can use a landline telephone or a mobile phone to dial-in and join a Zoom session with voice only.

Getting Started with Zoom

What do I need to get started?

  • A desktop computer, laptop computer, or handheld device with internet capability
  • A front-facing camera. If your desktop computer does not have a camera built in. You can use a separate webcam. Many laptop computers and most handheld devices have built-in cameras.
  • Speakers (built in or external)
  • A microphone (built in or external)

Now that I have what I need, what do I do to join a meeting?
Click here for a detailed guide on setting up Zoom and joining your first Zoom meeting.

Watch a video for a quick and easy lesson on joining a meeting:
Participating in a meeting – Marcia Chadly
Zoom Help Center – Getting Started

Hosting a Zoom Meeting
For instructions and tips to host a meeting, watch the videos below:
Hosting a Zoom Meeting – Marcia Chadly
Zoom Help Center Resources

Using Zoom on an Android Phone
Click here
for a guide.

Using Zoom on an iPhone
Click here for a guide.

How to Use Zoom on a iPad
Click here 
for a guide.









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