Jewish Life In These Times

This series will offer presentations exploring life for American and Israeli Jews in these extraordinary times. A wide range of topics will include Jewish Peoplehood, Political Thinking, Culture and the Arts, and Socio-Political issues that Jewish people face in today’s world.




The People of Israel

Contemporary Israel:  A Look at the People, Politics and Culture

Over the past few decades, modern Israel as a country has evolved in ways that differ from how it is popularly perceived. In this three-part series we will explore the modern nation of Israel through a close look at Israel’s people, politics and culture.

Presented by the popular and well-known Israeli Educator and Tour Guide,
Muki Jankelowitz.
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Session 1 – The “Tribes” of Modern Israel
Date: Sunday, Feb. 20

Time: 1:00 pm
via Zoom

The demographic landscape of Israel has dramatically changed in the past few decades.  Who are the different tribes, the groups that make up modern Israel – where do they come from, what do they want, how do they interact and what are the demographic trends going forwards?

Session  2 – The Modern “Tribes” Impact on Politics

Date: Sunday, March 6
Time: 1pm
via Zoom

How does the Israeli political system work, who are the parties in the current Knesset (Parliament) and how do the different tribes influence contemporary politics?

Session 3 – Cultural Aspects of the Changing Demographics

Date: Sunday, March 20
Time: 1pm
via Zoom

Is there such a thing as Israeli culture? How do the different tribes influence present-day Israeli culture, and how do the different groups respond to each other?

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