B’nai Mitzvah Program



Becoming a Bar or Bat at Temple Shalom is a powerful and important moment in the life of our families.  It is a moment to celebrate the welcoming of a student into a new chapter of their Jewish life.

At Temple Shalom we believe that a student becomes a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, earning this significant title, as a result of their willingness to engage with Jewish prayer, with Torah and with study and to try to do things Jewish a new and significant wayWe encourage each student to work to their unique abilities as they reach this important milestone along their Jewish journey.  Standing with their family, their friends, their Temple community – with God, Torah and Israel –  we celebrate each student who proudly declares, “I am ready to try to be a part of this Jewish community in a new and meaningful way.” 

At Temple Shalom each student will have the chance to assume three important responsibilities; to become a Shaliach Tzibbur – a worship leader on Shabbat; a Ba’al Koreh – a Torah and Haftarah chanter; and a Darshan/it – a Torah teacher, explaining their insights into the message and meaning of their Torah portion.

Rabbi Paley looks forward to celebrating this wonderful occasion with you, your family, friends and community.



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