American Jewish Culture

American Jewish CultureAmerican Jews share a common popular culture that includes art, music, literature, film, and food traditions. This series will explore and celebrate the many contributions of American Jews to the overall culture of America.



Jewish Food
Jewish foods and their traditions have made a lasting contribution to American cuisine. This first series, Traditions in the Kitchen,  will explore the heart of American Jewish food. The series offered five sessions in which we cooked, learned, and shared our handiwork. See photos here.

We celebrated Deli Night at Temple Shalom by screening a film and eating delicious deli food, courtesy of Cindi’s Deli.

Jewish Music
American Jews have composed and performed many styles of music that have shaped the American experience. In fact, an astonishing percentage of musical performers and composers that we all know are Jewish and they have drawn on the musical traditions of Judaism. We enjoyed the Mandy Monreal & Friends Concert and our weekend activities featuring Performer-in-Residence Country & Jewish music star Joe Buchanan.


Also coming this year: Jewish Art, Film and Poetry


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