Temple Shalom Sisterhood proudly hosts the wine and cheese Onegs every Friday night. The Onegs are a time to bring friends and family together, celebrate the precious moments in your life, and surround yourself with purpose and meaning.

Fill your Shabbat with Shalom and a Sponsor a Celebration Oneg for only $36!*

Maybe it’s a birth, wedding, anniversary, birthday, great report card, graduation, a friend visiting from out of town, a job promotion… or no reason at all. Honor someone special or celebrate one of the simchas in your life. We promise it will be special, and your sponsorship will be acknowledged with our table signage. Please email Chris Harris or contact Halley Gottlieb, Clergy Assistant at (972) 661-1810 x201 in the Temple office for more information.

*Please note that this offer does not apply to Bar and Bat Mitzvah sponsorships since these Onegs are designed to serve larger numbers of guests and provide specialty food items.

We need your help to be creative in the kitchen!

We are looking for help to prepare beautiful trays of food. Email Linda Young or simply show up on Friday mornings at 9am. 

Sisterhood is always pleased to receive Oneg donations.

Donate food or wine: Email Chris Harris.
Write a check: Send a check made payable to Temple Shalom Sisterhood – Onegs, 6930 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX 75240.