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Shalom Chaverim! Shalom Chaverim!

It is with a full heart and sheer excitement that I extend to you and your family greetings and well wishes on behalf of all of us at Temple Shalom.

Temple Shalom is a warm, loving and nurturing home for anyone interested in seeking connections with other people, with programs and projects in our community, with the deep and rich heritage of our people and, ultimately, with God. Our Temple seeks to enrich all of the lives of our family through the three historic aspects of synagogue life; a house of prayer, a house of study and a place for meaningful gathering.

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Thank you for visiting our website!

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I’m so happy you’ve come to our website to learn more about Temple Shalom. We are a community that celebrates, cares and comforts, and we want to welcome you to our home. Though our community is over 50 years old, we are embarked on a never ending journey of Jewish learning. We are a multigenerational learning community, gathering together to create a community filled with holiness, love and concern. Our programming and activities are rooted in our values of belonging, being side by side, together, for acts of worship, justice, compassion, friendship and learning. Temple Shalom is a “tree of life” for my family and I know this would be true for your family, too.

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Thank you for considering Temple Shalom as your congregation. Temple Shalom’s Brotherhood has fun as well as providing crucial support to our Temple and to our Temple Youth Programs throughout the year.

Our Temple Shalom Brotherhood and the Men of Reform Judaism are partners in strengthening our ties, and our children’s ties, to our Jewish heritage and traditions.

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Temple Shalom Sisterhood is a vital auxiliary to our Temple family.  Being a part of Sisterhood and Women of Reform Judaism, helps strengthen our congregation’s families, our congregation and, we hope, your life.

Please visit our Sisterhood page to view current and upcoming Sisterhood events and programs, and our Temple gift shop, Traditions.

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