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Brotherhood Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Brotherhood’s Board of Directors is Monday, November 17th at 7:15pm in the Temple Boardroom. All Brotherhood members are invited to attend.



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From the struggling outpost of the early Zionist in Palestine to the explosion of ingenuity and scientific capability, Israel is the incredible nation of patents, start-ups, success stories, medical miracles, and an incredible array of creativity. How did this happen? How did this tiny place, surrounded by enemies sworn to its destruction, manage this?
We want to find out! We want to dig a little deeper. In late February we are planning a trip of 8 or 9 days that will concentrate on in-depth meetings.
These will include briefings at the technical center of Israeli innovation, The Technion, the University of Tel Aviv, military and religious centers, experimental agricultural site, and others as time and arrangements can be made.
A guide and transportation will be furnished for our group as well as hotel accommodations.
If you have interest in knowing more about this planned trip, contact Kenneth Parker  
Here is a list of possible activities:
Technion – one full day getting briefed on the great achievements and current projects
Startup Nation – visit to at least two entrepreneurial businesses and learn from them on how they are getting it done
Military Might – getting to know why our modern David continues to be one of the dominant military powers in the world
Government – visit with local and national government officials on the way they work with a participatory democracy
Religious– visit to a liberal congregation and to the URJ rabbinic school
Culture – grab a handful of at least two Israeli cultural events (dependent of availability)
People– If possible, we would like to arrange people to people meetings with Israeli families
Education– primarily high school level
Agriculture – a visit to one of the farms that has made the desert bloom
This trip would be door to door 7 or 8 days with less than 15 people. This will allow us to travel with only one van and be easily accommodated wherever we go.




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Brotherhood Movember Pinball Tournament: November 11, 2018

Guys Night Out Poker Thursday December 13, 2018

Shalom Award Gala: January 13, 2019

Community Seder: April 20, 2019


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