Lifelong Learning

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We invite you to discover a world of Jewish experience for every age and every stage. You will find weekly drop-in courses, year long sessions, world renowned scholars; and with every venture, you are connecting with old and new friends.


Mission: Jewish learning at Temple Shalom encourages wonder, joy, and the exploration of Jewish tradition as a way to create holy community, meaning, and memories throughout a lifelong journey.


Vision: Jewish learning at Temple Shalom is vibrant and inspires us to apply our ever-growing knowledge and understanding of Judaism in our daily lives. With relationships and community building at the heart of all our programming, we build and support lifelong friendships among learners and families.


Core Values:

  1. Wonder Peleh/ פֶּלֶא
  2. Joy Simcha/ שמחה
  3. Friendship Yedidut/ יְדִידוּת
  4. Holy community Kehillah Kedosha/ קהילה קדושה


Whatever your time permits and your interests dictate, we have a place for you! We encourage you to join us in this joyous journey of a lifetime and we look forward to sharing the exciting opportunities that a pursuit of lifelong learning holds for you and your family.


For information on Lifelong Learning programs, please email Director of Religious School & Young Family Programming Deborah Niederman, RJE.



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