Lifelong Learning


We invite you to discover a world of Jewish experience for every age and every stage. You will find weekly drop-in courses, year long sessions, world renowned scholars; and with every venture, you are connecting with old and new friends.

Temple Shalom programs provide many ways for you and your family to take a step on the path of the authentic journey of our Jewish tradition.  Our goal is to instill Judaism and a Jewish practice that is meaningful to adults and children alike.  We include our children’s religious school education as a standard part of membership.  Click here for the Religious School brochure. Our goal is to teach God, Torah and Israel, provide inner meaning, a sense of direction, and a sense of connection. 


Temple Shalom, a member of the Union for Reform Judaism, has adopted the goals developed by The Commission of Jewish Education in order to provide a program of Jewish education which will enable children, youth and adults to:

  1. Affirm their Jewish identity and bind themselves inseparably to their people by word and deed.
  2. Bear witness to the Brit (the covenant between God and the Jewish people) by embracing Torah through the study and observance of mitzvot (commandments) as interpreted in the light of historic development and contemporary liberal thought.
  3. Affirm their historic bond to Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.
  4. Cherish and study Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people.
  5. Value and practice tefilla (prayer).
  6. Further the causes of justice, freedom and peace by pursuing tzedek (righteousness), mishpat (justice), and chesed (loving deeds).
  7. Celebrate Shabbat and the festivals and observe the Jewish ceremonies marking the significant occasions in their lives.
  8. Esteem their own person and the person of others; their own family and the family of others; their own community and the community of others.
  9. Express their kinship with K’lal Yisrael by actively seeking the welfare of Jews throughout the world.
  10. Support and practice in the life of the synagogue.

This will strengthen the fabric of Jewish life, ensure the future of Judaism and the Jewish people, and approach the realization of their divine potential.

Whatever your time permits and your interests dictate, you will share in the adventure of living a meaningful Jewish life; you will share with our community in the joy of being Jewish; you will share in our vision of repairing our world.

We look forward to exploring the exciting possibilities that this year holds in store for you and your family.

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Temple Shalom’s educational vision is to engage congregants of all ages in continuous Jewish learning and provide opportunities for Jewish growth through

  • Developing Jewish identity
  • Expanding knowledge of Torah
  • Building comfort in participation in Reform Prayer services
  • Fostering a commitment to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world, including Tzedakah and G’milut Chasadim)
  • Instilling a dedication to the future of the Jewish People.
  • Nurturing a love for and connection to the land and people of Israel