Temple Shalom Legacy Project 2022

The Legacy Project is designed to meld the past, present, and future regarding our Temple Shalom history into small, bite-sized pieces for our congregants, and those outside our congregation.  Through the use of QR codes, we want to paint a picture and tell our stories that make Temple Shalom the house of worship that we love.  In the process, we provide access to our past for those that want to learn about our history. We provide access to stories regarding our present that detail our involvement in social action, our Temple, and the people that make us special. Finally, we hope to tell stories of our future and where we see Temple Shalom headed as we plan for our future.

Temple Shalom Beginnings

First Presidents


Memorial Plaques

Brownstein/Munn Memorial Room

Temple Shalom Justice Garden

History of Temple Shalom Clergy

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