First Presidents

 “This is the story of a people which was scattered over all the world and yet remained a single family, a nation which time and again was doomed to destruction and yet, out of the ruins, rose a new life. – Abba Kovner


What is a congregation?  A congregation is a group of people assembled for religious worship, interaction, and those seeking a sense of peace and belonging.  To achieve the feeling and sense of belonging takes strong leadership.  Temple Shalom has been blessed to have very strong leadership that took our scattered family and melded us into a single family.  A family of Jews!

First President – Henry Jacobus

First President, left, Henry Jacobus receiving first Temple Shalom Torah

Our first President, Henry Jacobus, at our first congregational meeting May 13, 1967 said, “We look back with real pride at our accomplishments – two dozen babies, four houses of worship, one year of religious school, 160 members.”  A challenged congregation that will continue to grow strong and strives to make Temple Shalom an increasingly meaningful experience in living Judaism and to maintain the personal involvement with every member.

Second President – Dr. Marvin Gerard

Our second president, Dr. Marvin Gerard garnered praise from the Union of American Hebrew Congregations for overseeing the fastest growing congregation in the Union.  Some of Dr. Gerard’s proudest accomplishments included increased social activity and public welfare, and purchasing the land where our current congregation resides.

Third President – Dr. Norman Einspruch

Temple Shalom’s First Four Presidents

Dr. Norman Einspruch was our third president.  During his time as president he praised religious school education continuity, established a building committee generating space requirements and the selection of architectural firm. Dr. Einspruch also presided over a rededication of a rescued Torah from Czechoslovakia.

Fourth President – Morris Newberger

The Temple’s fourth president, Morris Newberger, lead the charge that restructured our religious school and created far-reaching adult education programs. It was during his term that Temple hired its second Rabbi, Rabbi Saul Besser.

Fifth President – Louis R. Cohen

Temple Shalom’s Fifth President – Louis Cohen. Photo is from the Dallas Times Herald published May 20, 1970.

Louis R. Cohen was the fifth Temple president.  Mr. Cohen presided over a year of involvement, including the start of construction on the building.  Our congregation increased its involved in community relations activities and programs to assist Soviet Jewry.

These five men laid the ground work for what we call Temple Shalom today.  Without their dedication, drive, and determination, we would not have the standing we hold in the Jewish community today.  We stand on the shoulders of those that come before us.  Fortunately for us all, these men had very broad shoulders. 

From strength to strength.

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