Did you know that the Brotherhood runs an annual Fantasy Football league? That’s right. Football is back so so is the Brotherhood Annual Rotisserie Football of Shalom (BARFS) League. Even if you are not participating this year, you can still check in on all of the action.


BARF’S Week 6 Review


Week 6 – At the halfway point in the regular season the dreaded DQ/Shiner Bock curse struck again as the #1, 2, and 4 ranked teams lost.  We have had only one #1 team hold down the top spot for more than one week and that was the B-Team with 2, but they got their balls busted this past weekend.  Conversely, the #9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15 ranked teams all won.  The Blood Orchids got off the schneid with their first victory over Broadway Joe’s in our Game Of the Week, 97.69 to 96.81.  An Amari Cooper TD late in the 4th quarter sealed the victory for the Orchids.  Last year’s champs The Green Tree Pickers posted their 5th straight victory in our Honorable Mention game against Yogi & Poppy, 157.59 to 148.69.  Bad scheduling for Y&P as they would have beaten every other team but DaBellofDaBall last weekend.  


At the halfway point the playoffs would look like this if it were today:

(This is correct, I think)


#1 Seed: Good Mensch: 5-1 (Bye)

#2 Seed: Munnsters: 4-2 (Bye)

#3 Seed: The 4Skins: 4-2

#4 Seed: North Dallas Football Team: 3-3

#5 Seed: The Giants: 3-3

#5 Seed: Go Saints Go: 3-3


#1 Seed: Green Tree Pickers: 5-1 

#2 Seed: The B-Team: 4-2 (Bye)

#3 Seed: Broadway Joe’s: 3-3

#4 Seed: Yogi & Poppy: 3-3

#5 Seed: Ball Busters: 3-3

#6 Seed: DaBellofDaBall: 3-3

Week 6 Games:

#1 B-Team (4-2) came into this game a bit overconfident against the #10 Ball Busters (3-3).  When the dust settled, the Ball Busters sent The B-Team home crying on the plane, 130.2 to 119.91.

#2 Munnsters (4-2) played host to the #11 Go Saints Go (3-3).  It looks like the Munnsters that this game was a walkover but this scrappy GSG team dusted them off 132.28 to 119.23.  Beignets anyone?

#3 Green Tree Pickers (5-1) came into this week’s game on a 4-game win streak as they took on a scrappy #7 Yogi & Poppy (3-3) team.  When the Tuesday night fog lifted the GTP came out ahead 157.59 to 148.69.  Our Honorable Mention game of the week.

#4 4Skins (4-2) played the #5 The Good Mensch (5-1) in what appeared on paper to be the game to watch over the weekend.  The 4Skins dismantled their previous two victims in the Blowout Game of the week.  The held Rookie K Champs to 75 points the week before.  The Good Mensch came into the game riding a 4-game winning streak and sat atop the Shlemiel division.  Game On, until it wasn’t.  The 4Skins were generous going negative on their QB and a goosey on one RB as they posted a near record low, 76.55.  The Good Mensch for their part limped to victory with a score of 109.45.  This game would have qualified as a stinker but other teams snatch that title away from them this week.

#6 North Dallas Football Team (3-3) visited the #9 Giants (3-3) team.  The former two time #1 seeded Giants rebounded from last week’s defeat to crush the once proud North Dallas Football Team, 148.26 to 105.32.

#8 Broadway Joe’s (3-3) traveled to the #15 Blood Orchid (1-5).  The Blood Orchids were looking for their first victory and Deshaun Watson came through big with 36.41 points.  It didn’t matter that the Orchids got a big donut from Cam Akers as they broke through and thumbed their noses at a very mediocre BJ’s team, 97.69 to 96.81.  This was the first sub-100 victory of the season.

#12 Go Saints Go (3-3) humiliated the #13 The Flash in our Blowout of the Week, 160.41 to 71.54.  The Flash snatched the low scoring title from Rookie K Champs. DBDB got 30-point efforts from Matt Ryan (35.35), Kenyan Drake (32.50), Will Fuller scored 22.36 points and that was all GSG needed this week.

#14 Rookie K Champs (2-4) eked out a victory against The Baylor Therapists (0-6), 87.77 to 70.77.  The Therapists are now in the lead for lowest point total in one week as the replace The Flash with their 70.77-point effort.  In an effort to shake the Therapists up and turn things around they decided to forego a QB and Kicker this week.  They almost pulled it off.

After 6 weeks:

The highest scoring team in the league: The North Dallas Football Team – averaging 146.7 per game (3-3 record)

The lowest scoring team in the league: Blood Orchids – averaging 104.7 per game (1-5 record).

Most Competitive Division: Sephardim-Schlub.  The highest scoring team per week – Yogi & Poppy 137.1, lowest scoring team, The Flash 120.9.

Easiest Division: Ashkenaziks-Shlemiel.  The highest scoring team per week – The North Dallas Football Team 146.7, lowest scoring team, Rookie K Champs 111.7.

Week 6 – DQ/Shiner Bock Poll

Sponsored by Halloween – Have a Spooky Good Time this Weekend

     Team                                            Record          Last Week

  1. The Green Tree Pickers (9)        5-1                        3
  2. The Good Mensch (7)                  5-1                        5
  3. The B-Team                                   4-2                       1
  4. The Munnsters                              4-2                       2
  5. 4Skins                                             4-2                       4
  6. The Giants                                      3-3                      9
  7. Go Saints Go                                  3-3                       11
  8. North Dallas Football Team       3-3                       6
  9. Ball Busters                                    3-3                      10
  10. Yogi & Poppy                                 3-3                       7
  11. Broadway Joe’s                             3-3                       8
  12. DaBellofDaBall                             3-3                       12
  13. Rookie K Champs                        2-4                       14
  14. The Flash                                      2-4                       13
  15. Blood Orchids                              1-5                        15
  16. The Baylor Therapists               0-6                       16

( ) First Place Votes

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