Shabbat Services Advance Registration Information

A registration process has been created that ensures we can gather safely and joyfully. Seating capacity is limited to 100 people.  If you are coming to Temple for a Shabbat Service, please fill out the Advance Reservation Form at the bottom of this page, no later than Thursday evening. Our covenant, or brit, for participation, is explained below and expresses our commitment to maintaining a safe environment for everyone. A FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL ATTENDING. Please note that adult children 26 and over are not considered members on their parents’ membership and therefore their form must be filled out as a non-member. 

Please arrive no later than 6:10pm on Friday evening so that we have time to check you in. Thank you for your cooperation. 

By submitting your reservation form, you agree to follow our brit, our measures for attendance, including full vaccination, and good health status. If you are in a vulnerable category for susceptibility to Covid, or unable to be vaccinated, please join our activities and worship online.

Please remain at home if experiencing a fever, cough, or any symptoms associated with a Covid-19 infection, or if you’ve been exposed to the virus.

Once in the building, please observe the following in support of our community’s health and safety, with love and concern, and in accordance with the Jewish directive to care for others:

  • Everyone is required to wear masks indoors for the entire service or event. Masks must be worn appropriately over the nose and mouth. Please note that clergy may remove masks during services. 
  • Seating will be spaced out, and arranged for social distancing, as indicated in the Sanctuary (e.g., 2-3 seats apart, rows left empty). Family groups may sit together.
  • The back doors to the Sanctuary will remain open during services.
  • Please observe social distancing, in entering and exiting, before, and following, services. When exiting, exit the building to greet and gather with friends. Please be respectful of physical distancing, spacing, when speaking with others, indoors or outside. 

There will be no shared meal, kiddush or oneg indoors at this time. As the summer progresses, we may host an outdoor oneg. 

Keeping our Community Connected

At this time, we will still be having services of a shorter duration, and prayer book pages for worship may be downloaded from our website or on our Facebook Group

  • We encourage you to bring your device (phone or iPad) with you to read the service, and share greetings with friends watching online, so all feel connected.
  • We will continue to stream our services, and they will be broadcast through our website and/or Facebook live.

Thank you for upholding our shared values of care and concern, and for respecting our highest value – the preservation of life – pikuach nefesh.

Questions? Contact Clergy Assistant Halley Gottlieb at (972) 661-1810 ext. 201.

Should you be diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days after you attend a Shabbat Service, contact Halley Gottlieb immediately so we may begin contact tracing.