Temple Shalom’s unique Tree of Life Ark and the Eternal Light were designed and created for Temple Shalom by Ted Egri of Taos, New Mexico.

In developing a concept for the design of the combined Tree of Life and Menorah, Mr. Egri took into account the “beautiful architectural space for the altar area and the 40 foot wall of glass behind the altar.” Stained glass, used in the silhouetted sculpture form, is designed to give full play to the light filtering through the glass wall, creating a “glow of light and color,” symbolic of life itself.

“The Tree, age-old symbol of life, roots itself in the Ark absorbing nourishment from the Torah, encouraging its branches upward toward the Eternal Light. These branches, seven in number, symbolize the Menorah.”

The Eternal Light, according to Mr. Egri, “is like a swirling universal body in space which, as it spirals in its orbit, sends rays of light onto the Tree.

The Ark, done in solid walnut, was also designed by Mr. Egri and executed by Coerver Industries, Inc. of Dallas. (1972)

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