HundredX Campaign


“Introducing HundredX”

This opportunity requires no financial support or commitment from you, and we are not asking you to ask your friends or family for money. 

We are participating in a research-based opportunity where we will be asked to share our opinions and comments about brands, products, places of business, and services in our area – from the pharmacy you need to the restaurant that you love -that we use and frequent every day.

We hope you will partner with our Board of Trustees to raise $20,000 by participating as a family and by enlisting your friends to participate in our cause. Each member of Temple, each participant, can provide up to 75 surveys – but you can also help spread the word to family and friends across the country. Temple Shalom will earn $2.00 per quality survey. (spend at least 1-2 minutes per survey, answering questions).

So, once you register, check out the search bar in the platform for your favs and fab places to get coffee, dinner, groceries – pick-up or IRL. You can also search by category. You can also share information about the kindness of your favorite employees as part of the survey.

In the month of February, take just five minutes each day to provide your opinion.

You will help companies to improve their service, help improve market research and, most of all… you will be helping Temple Shalom fund our goals.

Curious about how HundredX will work and the impact it helps to create?

Explore these links below. Keep an eye on your email and on our Facebook page for further information about how to register at HundredX in February.

One way to register is to text the word IMPACT to the number 90412, and you can get started! Scroll down at the drop down menu to indicate that “Temple Shalom” is your cause!

***Note that HundredX will only use your information for this event, and share your participation with Temple if you elect to do so. Your opinions are aggregated and not individualized, and your demographic data is discarded at the end of the fundraising campaign. 

The three participants who log the most surveys will receive a gift certificate for their efforts and success!

Questions? Email

How HundredX works:

Remember to TEXT Impact to 90412 to register and participate

February 7th – March 8th! And share with your family and friends.

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