Havurah Program

Enhance your Temple Shalom Experience:

Join a Havurah!

Are you in a Havurah? Would you like to join a Havurah? Are you curious about what havorot are and how they work?

What is a Havurah?

Havurah comes from the Hebrew word haver, meaning friend or fellowship. Each havurah is a small group of Temple members who come together to learn, to socialize and enjoy Jewish living with their families. For many, the havurah is an extended family.

What does a Havurah do?

A havurah is a way to participate in Temple life and community within the context of a smaller and more personal group setting. Some focus on study, others on observances of holiday and festivals and others on socializing. Some do all of the above. It’s up to each havurah to decide its direction, acording to its members’ interests.

How does it work?

The Havurah Committee facilitates the formation of new havurot and supports existing havurot in their continued success. The committe collects applications and forms new groups or place applicants in an existing group when there are openings. The committee has resources and ideas to launch new havurot on their road to success and to help existing havurot revitalize their groups.

How do I join?

Complete an application, save it and return as an email attachment to havurah@templeshalomdallas.org. We will form appropriate groups as applications come in. There will also be opportunities for those interested in forming new havurot or in adding Temple Shalom members to existing havurot and to find and meet each other.

For more information contact:

Havurah Committee Chair Kathryn Frish at havurah@templeshalomdallas.org