Brit for Participation

By submitting your reservation form, everyone agrees to follow our brit for participation, our measures for attendance, including full vaccination, and good health status. If anyone is in a vulnerable category for susceptibility to Covid, or unable to be vaccinated, please join our events and services online; if the service/event is outdoors, you are welcome to join us. Covid protocols such as masking and distancing are required for both indoor and outdoor worship services and events.

Please remain at home if experiencing a fever, cough, or any symptoms associated with a Covid-19 infection, or if anyone in your party been exposed to the virus.

Please observe the following in support of our community’s health and safety, with love and concern, and in accordance with the Jewish directive to care for others:

  • Full vaccination is required for everyone 12+ years of age.
  • Everyone age 2 and older is required to wear masks indoors and outdoors for the entire service or event. Masks must be worn appropriately over the nose and mouth. Please note that clergy may remove their masks during services. 
  • Seating will be spaced out, and arranged for social distancing, as indicated in the Sanctuary (e.g., 2-3 seats apart, rows left empty). Family groups may sit together.
  • The back doors to the Sanctuary will remain open during services.
  • Please observe social distancing, in entering and exiting, before, and following, services. When exiting, exit the building to greet and gather with friends. Please be respectful of physical distancing, spacing, when speaking with others, indoors or outside.
  • Please abide by instructions given by ushers/staff.

Should anyone in your party be diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days after attending a Shabbat Service, please contact Clergy Assistant Halley Gottlieb immediately so we may begin contact tracing. 

To re-access the Reservation Form, click on the open tab in your browser to return to the form.

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