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Yom Chamishi, 29 Iyyar 5777

 Baby Blessing Ray Farris challah        Baby Blessing Service Paley Melinda Daphne Hepworth


Munchkins Minyan meets once a month on the third Friday evening at 6:00pm in our Rabiner Children's Library with a short service for families with children under age 6 (October through May). Stay for our traditional Shabbat services or enjoy Shabbat dinner with family and friends!


Our Temple Shalom Tots Academy meets once a month on Sunday mornings during Religious School. Children (2-4 years old) with parents are welcome to sign up.  For information on this monthly Tot Academy, please call the Lifelong Learning office at (972) 661-1362 or email munchkinsminyan@templeshalomdallas.org.Temple member and certified teacher Melinda Hepworth facilitates this program and can be reached at the email address above.


Questions on any of these programs? Contact Lifelong Learning Director Rabbi Ariel Boxman at aboxman@templeshalomdallas.org.