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The Tikkun Olam Council at Temple Shalom in Dallas, Texas  is composed  of involved congregants dedicated to making change in our community, within our own lives and in the lives of individuals and their families in our city, society and world.  Our program is carried out through service, education and action work. Working groups focus on mitzvah and service projects, Israel, community engagement and partnership (interfaith as well as with Jewish communal organizations), and issue education and legislative action/advocacy. We are making plans for future events and programming and would love to have your participation in one or many of these activities! Check back here for more details, jobs you can do and roles you can take on to make a difference.  Think about it...Interested?  E-mail tikkunolam@templeshalomdallas.org and a team member will contact you.

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Dallas Area Interfaith (DA), with the tenacious advocacy of Dr. Barry Lachman, our DAI committee chair, worked in coalition to improve the City of Dallas housing codes for both multifamily apartment units, and rental homes. The Dallas Morning News covered the city council decision here. Working together, we help others lead better lives in our city. 


Temple Shalom’s Tikkun Olam Council is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest committee, Shomrei Adamah — “Guardians of the Earth.”




The Shomrei Adamah committee is dedicated to improving Temple Shalom’s sustainability efforts and increasing awareness of our shared and individual responsibility to honor and protect God’s creation. Our mission is to make sustainability a core value of our congregation through conservation, education, social policy, worship, leadership and action.

The Shomrei Adamah committee is inspired by the story of Genesis, where God placed Adam in the garden of Eden to till it and tend it.  Thousands of years since these words were written, we know that protecting, defending, and taking care of the Earth is our obligation as a Jewish people. God gave the Earth to all beings, and we are in partnership with God. As God is our Guardian, we are Shomrei Adamah, Guardians of the Earth. 

Interested in learning more about or getting involved with sustainability at Temple Shalom? Please contact chair Nina Minney at earth@templeshalomdallas.org 


Over the course of our 50th Anniversary year, we put together videos based on material submitted by Temple Shalom members, as well as live interviews of our members who are out in the community - improving the world everyday, one good deed at a time. These videos were created to remind us what Temple Shalom is all about, bringing wholeness and healing to ourselves, our families and our community. Take a look at some of the #everydayMitzvahs undertaken by members of our congregation. Though our 50th anniversary is drawing to a close, we stil hope you will continue to share your light and deeds with others, and share what you do with our Tikkun Olam Council at TSMitzvahVideos@templeshalomdallas.org here at Temple Shalom, whether you have a video to share or not! Remember to check out the many ways you can have an impact through Temple Shalom, and our projects in the Temple Shalom weekly e-news and monthly bulletins. 

 Our TSD Mitzvah videos can be found here:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-nbMF-GuEMMWkVCYU9seEdoOVU We hope you are  alittle bit inspired!




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