IMG 8256 Paley 150 wShalom Chaverim! Shalom Chaverim!

It is with a full heart and sheer excitement that I extend to you and your family greetings and well wishes on behalf of all of us at Temple Shalom.

Temple Shalom is a warm, loving and nurturing home for anyone interested in seeking connections with other people, with programs and projects in our community, with the deep and rich heritage of our people and, ultimately, with God. Our Temple seeks to enrich all of the lives of our family through the three historic aspects of synagogue life; a house of prayer, a house of study and a place for meaningful gathering.

Temple Shalom offers a full complement of worship opportunities. Shabbat morning services, young family services, as well as holiday and festival celebrations, are the hallmark of our continued effort to connect with others and with God.

We at Temple Shalom believe in enriching our lives through the active pursuit of learning, both as adults and as children. Our religious school, our Torah study, our opportunities for adult learning, and various other opportunities provide the entire family with exciting possibilities for deepening our knowledge of and love for things Jewish.

Perhaps, most significant is our diligence and pursuit of excellence in making Temple Shalom a place for meaningful gathering; where people can feel comfortable coming and just being; where all are welcome and where all are nurtured and treated with honor and respect. We know that Temple Shalom is an extension of one’s own home and we hope it can be for you as well.

In our continued effort to reach out and serve those who live in the greater Dallas area, we will actively be working on programs and possibilities for anyone interested in becoming a part of our family. We look forward to working together and to sharing the path towards a life of happiness, holiness, and fulfillment.


Andrew M. Paley
Senior Rabbi