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If you are wondering about me and what I am all about let me give you a few details:

I am the Rabbi at Temple Shalom in Dallas, Texas and have been since August, 2004.

I am married to Deborah Niederman and have two children Molly and Sammy.

I am Buckeye by birth but a Texan at heart.


I was just thinking about the Olympics

on Sunday, 02 December 2012. Posted in Rabbi

(originally posted July 30, 2010)

By now I am sure, you like me, are gearing up for what I hope will be an exciting 2012 Summer Olympics. My family and I are big fans and are avid viewers of even the most mundane of Olympic sports. (My personal favorite is the hammer throw!) There is something exciting, majestic and hopeful about the Olympics and I pray this year will be no different.

However, . . .

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